How many serious photographers can be found in Hannover, Germany?
Well, probably more than one might think at first glance. What actually makes a professional photographer ? Was differentiates the Pros from truly ambitioned amateurs?
Often not neccesarily the pure photographic quality, but rather the simple fact that the professional photographer works for the client instead of just for himself, the family or friends.

 My own guideline is simply permanent improvement  - the ambition to make and not to take photos.
 To create pictures that tell a story and have the potential to even move the audience..
Inspiriation comes among others from Rick Sammon, from National Geographic Photographer Joe McNally as well as Louie Psihoyos and Scott McKelby

Now, find out yourself and have a look at Galleries in the  Portfolio Section, i.e. the recent series  “People and Mopeds of Vietnam, an interpretation on air travel called “Planes” and travel photos of a 2007 round trip through Namibia and the Namib Desert


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